• Freshly collected coffee beans


Café Sagrado is a family company, with its roots in Colombia and its dreams in Europe.

Twenty years ago, Helena migrated to Spain, with her husband and her three kids, dreaming of a different kind of life. While living far from her family, coffee became the perfect way to reconnect to her roots. Her sister Ana stayed in Colombia, and eventually started to work with a high quality specialty colombian coffee farm.

These two sisters are now working together on their lifelong dream- bringing to the world a kind of artisan colombian coffee that demands we take a moment to savor & enjoy it.


As life is moving faster and faster, we want to create opportunities to slow down & savor the different moments in our lives. For this, we aim to create a sacred ritual around coffee.

Our name, Café Sagrado, means sacred coffee in Spanish. It comes from the belief that our artisan specialty colombian coffee can help in slowing down and creating more sacred moments in our days. It might be as simple as a sacred break of stillness in the middle of a hectic day- or as unique as celebrating a family reunion after a long time.


Café Sagrado is cultivated in La Laguna coffee farm in Barichara, a small town in the Santander region of Colombia. Every step of the cultivation process is done in ways that are environmentally conscious and caring for the sustainability of our land.

Our signature coffee, “Especial Colombia” is washed and dried naturally, without any fermentation. This creates a well balanced & fruity coffee. The threshing process is then done by hand, by the coffee growers themselves. They sort out the best beans of the harvest to take into the roasting. We always roast in small batches to ensure freshness and precision.

Picture of the coffee roasting probing process